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2.4ghz Wireless Equipment & Antennas

EZBridge with NEMA4 Box 100&200mW Wireless Customer Premise Equipment


1.Quick and easy to install.
2. Works with any device that has an Ethernet port.

3. LED indicators show units operating status.
4. Web-based configuration screen enables fast and easy setup.
5. Supports Station Bridge, Ad-Hoc and Access Point modes.

6. Supports RTS threshold control for better throughput.
7. Wireless data encryption with 64 and 128 bits encryption for security
8. NEMA 4X/IP66 certified enclosure: protected against dust, water,
and corrosion.

Made by Teletronics International Inc. www.teletronics.com
with NEMA4 Box
Item # 11-208 
EZBridge PCB Kit
Item # 11-207 For Waterproof Enclosures
100mw Version $269.00 + shipping costs 100mw Version $169.00 + shipping costs
200mw Version $329.00 + shipping costs 200mw Version $229.00 + shipping costs


Pacific Wireless Antennas www.pacwireless.com    
14db Waterproof Encloser 14db Waterproof Enclosure 18db Waterproof Enclosure 24db Parabolic
$47.95 + shipping $47.95 + shipping $89.95 + Shipping $64.95 + shipping