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We offer Wireless Internet access in the following areas:  Downtown East Liverpool, Downtown Newell, Calcutta Business District.


If you are interested in this product, or have questions about it. Please email techsupport@spii.net


Wireless Internet Access for Home Users




All Wireless Accounts Include: Up to 4 Email Addresses, and Email Virus Scanning


Prices may vary due to Installation Issues, Distance, and equipment costs. plus tax where applicable


Per Month**

Wireless Internet Access.  Customer purchases equipment priced from $175.99 to $289.99.  Includes radio, POE adapter, 50' Ethernet cable, and outdoor mounting bracket, and simple installation.


Per Month**

Wireless Internet Access. SPII.NET Provides Wireless Equipment and Installation .   $50.00 One Time Activation Fee Required. *


Windows 2000 or Windows XP Required. 512 MB ram required, 1024mb Ram preferred

Linksys Router required for more than one Computer.

** Two Year Commitment Required

Other charges may apply. For example, In home network setup,  Additional Wiring etc...